Ruchi Soya launches corporate initiative to make Yoga a part of working day on International Yoga Day

New Delhi : On the occasion of International Yoga Day on June 21 st, Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. launched a pioneering initiative, the Ruchi ‘Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan to integrate yoga in the corporate routine through daily yoga sessions for all employees.

Ruchi ‘Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan was rolled out in 20 locations including plants and offices covering around 4000 employees across the country. Under this initiative, employees will be trained and encouraged to practice ‘saral’ or simple yoga techniques, thereby playing a positive role in their health, fitness and overall well-being.

The initiative kicked off from the Corporate Office in Mumbai with around 200 employees taking part in a special yoga session, along with Dinesh Shahra, Founder and Managing Director, Ruchi Soya Industries Limited and Yogacharya Mahavir Sainik, the mentor and guide for this programme.

In a message to employees about the Ruchi ‘Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan endeavor, Dinesh Shahra elaborated, “The Ministry of AYUSH has been asking corporates to introduce a yoga programme for employees to combat work-related stress and resulting ailments. I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and it has helped me immensely. I have always wanted to share this with my extended Ruchi Soya family. Today, we are glad to be the first corporate to undertake the Ruchi ‘Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan as part of our endeavor to ensure a mentally, spiritually and physically healthy workforce. The ancient science of yoga is practiced worldwide in a variety of settings and helps in maintaining overall health. It is beneficial in reducing fatigue, depression, anxiety and mental tension. This will help the employees perform better and benefit both the individual as well as the organization. With Ruchi Soya’s products focusing on health and wellness, this effort will help imbibe the essence of our products into our employees’ daily lives.”

Mentor and guide for this yoga initiative, Yogacharya Mahavir Sainik has been teaching Yoga since 1973 after initiation into the practice at the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, one of the oldest yoga institutions in the country.

The author of two books ‘Yoga Amrut’ and ‘Saral Yog Prayog’, his prime objective has always been to help people channelize the power of yoga for better decision making, reducing stress and promoting a disciplined routine and lifestyle. Yogacharya said, “Yoga in the workplace has multiple benefits. Besides contributing to the overall health of the employees, practicing yoga together acts as a bond helping employees work better together. It helps employees cope with pressure at work and improves their on-job performance. The yoga sessions will be designed for the workplace and in tune with the age, fitness and health profiles of the employees.”

All the offices where the Ruchi ‘Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan is being implemented have been equipped with dedicated yoga rooms with yoga mats and other amenities to enable the employees to practice yoga. In-house yoga experts have been and are being identified and trained in various aspects of traditional yoga including basic asanas, pranayama, concentration, and meditation techniques. Periodic yoga workshops are also planned to guide employees on specific yoga techniques for conditions like high blood pressure, rheumatism, backache, etc. Going forward, the Ruchi ‘ Saral Yoga’ Abhiyaan will be extended to benefit families of the employees. (ANI)