Rubat caretaker assures accommodation for 1000 pilgrims

Rubat caretaker Mr. Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef assured Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan that he is ready to provide free food and accommodation for 1000 pilgrims. If Telangana government cooperates he would ensure better arrangements next year. Mr. Zahed Ali Khan met Mr. Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef in Makkah. He lauded the arrangements made by the Rubat caretaker and proposed to increase the number of pilgrims for next year. He assured that he would speak to Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali in this connection and hoped that Telangana government would cooperate with the Rubat caretaker in this regard.

Rubat caretaker informed that food and accommodation was arranged for 597 pilgrims belonging to Hyderabad in three buildings during Hajj 2015 and told that he is ready to provide food and accommodation for 1000 pilgrims during Hajj 2016. Mr. Zahed Ali Khan hailed the service spirit of Rubat caretaker and hoped that he would continue to serve the pilgrims with the same spirit.

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