RTI query helps sacked teacher get back job

New Delhi: A query sought under the Right To Information (RTI) Act has helped a sacked teacher of a Delhi school return to her job.

Renu Jain of the Maharaja Agrasen School in Delhi’s Narela locality was sacked by the school administration last year following which she approached the Delhi High Court and the Delhi Schools Tribunal.

Since relief from the court was taking time, Jain filed RTI application to Deputy Director Education (DDE) of the zone seeking information about annual reports of the school indicating staff statement and PF and ESI related facilities provided to the school staff for the years 1999-2000 to 2015-16.

While the school first denied information saying it is not a public authority it later submitted some information to DDE but claimed that information pertaining to 1999 to 2000 could not be furnished as it was either lost or destroyed by the then managing committee.

Unsatisfied by the response, Jain approached Central Information Commission (CIC). The CIC felt that the DDE merely had forwarded reply from the school to Jain and made no efforts to help her get required information.

Since the school was controlled by DDE and all the information as sought by Jain was within its control and jurisdiction, the CIC directed it to submit an explanation for the inaction and non furnishing of information. The school was also sent a show case notice on withdrawal of recognition. Following CIC and DDE intervention, Jain not only got the required information but also her job back.

“Perusal of the reply reveals that Noticee (DDE) has demonstrated that he took the possible measures to ensure dissemination of information to the appellant. It is noted that endeavours of the Noticee has not only aided in supply of information to the appellant, but also led to the appellant joining back the school. The appellant has informed this Commission by a hand written note that she is satisfied with the information received and has joined back the School on 26.06.2018,” Central Information Commissioner Yashowardhan Azad wrote in his order dated July 23, 2018.

Azad added that though there was a delay in dissemination of information, the DDE had tendered unconditional apology for it and made all possible efforts to not only procure information from the school but also address the actual grievance of the appellant, helping her join back her school. (ANI)