RSS will not compromise on Ram temple issue: Bhaiyaaji Joshi

Gwalior: There is no possibility of any compromise on the issue of Ram temple and the temple will be built at the place where Lord Rama was born, said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader haiyaaji Joshi here on Sunday.

“We are very clear about our role regarding the issue of Ram temple. Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya and at the pre-designated place (where Ram Lalla is located today),” he said at a press conference on the last day of a three-day long annual meeting of RSS.

“There will be no compromise on the Ram temple issue. The movement which began in the 1980s is still going on. It will continue until the Ram temple is not constructed. We are fully committed to the cause of Ram temple,” he said.

Terming the Supreme Court’s stand on Ram temple as painful, Joshi said: “It was painful for us when the Supreme Court said the Ram temple issue is not a priority for them. I think this was an insult to the Hindus.”

“The issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya has been pending for so long. It is related to the Hindus. It remains a question for us as to why the court termed this issue as non-priority for them. We expect the court to give impetus to the issue and give its decision soon. All hurdles should be cleared for the construction of the temple,” he said.

In an attempt to save the ruling BJP on the issue of Ram temple, he said: “We believe that those in power are not opposed to the construction of Ram temple. Although an ordinance could not be brought, we do not doubt their commitment to the cause.”

“The Supreme Court has also made a committee to find a way out. We welcome all these steps. We do not want to compromise on Ram temple. If mediators work in the right direction, then we have no problem,” he said.

Hailing the Central government for retaliating Pulwama terror attack, Joshi said: “The Central government took the great initiative after Pulwama. It has made the neighbouring country realise its power with the help of the Air Force, which did a great job. We praise and congratulate the government.”

Asked if the BJP president Amit Shah has asked for RSS support, Joshi said: “He is the chief of a political party. It is his job to seek support for his party. He has asked for our (RSS) support as well.”