RSS wants strictest punishment for Dadri lynching culprits

Condemning the Dadri lynching, the West Bengal wing of the RSS on said it wants strictest punishment for the culprits involved.

“We condemn the Dadri killing. We feel such incidents should not happen. We want the culprits involved in the incident should be given strictest punishment,” RSS state secretary Jishnu Basu told a press conference. Basu, however, had a dig at a section of the media for highlighting such type of incidents and keeping mum on incidents like when three Hindu dalits were beaten to death in Nadia district earlier this month On writers returning their awards, Basu said that the writers and activists who had expressed their opinion against growing intolerance, were against the change of guard at the Centre.

“I feel that those who are raising their voices against growing tolerance are not happy with the change of guard at the Centre,” Basu said. Briefing on the resolution taken by the RSS at the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari, Mandal expressed deep concern over demographic imbalances.

“We urge the Union government to reformulate the National Population Policy keeping in view availability of resources in the country, future needs and the problem of demographic imbalance and apply the same uniformity to all,” Basu said. “The Union government should take steps to curb illegal infiltration from across the border. Prepare a national register of citizens and prevent infiltrators from acquiring citizenship rights and purchasing lands,” Basu demanded.