RSS stands for ‘Ready for Selfless Service’: Venkaiah Naidu

Hyderabad: Union Minister and BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said the RSS stands for ‘Ready for Selfless Service’ and thus the Opposition has no moral right to criticise the ‘most patriotic organisation in the country’.

Naidu, while delivering a speech here, alleged that the Congress Party was just doing ‘tamasha’ politics over PhD scholar Rohith Vemula’ suicide in the Hyderabad University and was trying to divide the educational campus on the basis of caste and religion.

“Only Congress Party and its allies can do cheap politics. The BSP, SP and AAP all are doing politics over Rohith’s death. Parties like SP and BSP are preaching us, they are criticising the RSS. The RSS means ‘Ready for Selfless Service’. It is the most patriotic organisation in the country. We are all proud that we are brought up by the RSS,” Naidu said.

“The Opposition has no moral right to criticise the RSS. Your party follows divisive agenda. Your party has followed politics of hatred,” he added.

He also hit back at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who yesterday sat on a fast with the protesting students at the University.

“This is all ‘tamasha’ going on. The Congress Party is doing ‘tamasha’ politics. What Rahul did yesterday was natural fasting. Everyone does that. They are doing drama. Coming one day and keeping a fast wouldn’t help. They have been ruling for more than 50 years. What did they do then?. Now as the Congress is idle after losing the power, they are suddenly coming to show sympathy and condolences. Is this some kind of joke?” he said.

“It is the long misrule of the Congress Party, it’s divisive and vote bank agenda that has spoiled the social harmony and that’s why incidents like Hyderabad University are happening. Rohith’s suicide is not the first incident. Ten such incidents have happened in the recent days during the Congress regime but then nobody had time. No Sonia, no Rahul and no Digvijay could come to Hyderabad University to console and condole,” he added.

Gandhi, who sat on a fast yesterday along with the protesting students at the Hyderabad University, alleged that Prime Minister Modi was trying to crush the spirit of Indian youngsters by imposing one idea from on top.

Addressing the protesting students at the university, he said, “When you let what has happened to Rohith happen in the country, it will happen to you one day, no matter who you are. You will one day find that the same people, who crushed Rohith, will be blocking your path to freedom, to progress.”

The students have been agitating after Rohith, a PhD student at the university, committed suicide by hanging himself.

Rohith and five other students were suspended by the university in connection with an alleged attack on an ABVP leader.