RSS raised ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ slogan to promote ‘ghar wapsi’: Asaduddin Owaisi

New Delhi: Under attack, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday alleged that the RSS raised the issue of “Bharat Mata ki jai” in a bid to promote “ghar wapsi” (re-conversion) even as he clarified that he is not against “Hinduism” but “Hindutva”.

He also attacked the Congress for backing suspension of his party MLA in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and adoption of the censure motion in Madhya Pradesh House on Friday against his refusal to chant the slogan.

“RSS’ gameplan is nothing but to try to implement what (Hindutva ideologue) Savarkar said in his book on Hindutva. When I made that statement (refusal to chant the slogan), I knew this is what RSS wants to do,” the Hyderabad MP told PTI here.

Owaisi said he had always been against Hindutva and not against Hinduism.

“Even Savarkar says in his same Hindutva book that Hindutva is different and Hinduism is different. Basically, this (raising the slogan issue) is nothing but RSS, by insisting on saying this slogan, this (the issue) is being used and abused for ghar wapsi,” he alleged.
Owaisi said no Muslim in the world would pray to his country.

“But I am a loyal citizen (of India), I even don’t pray to Saudi Arabia despite Saudi Arabia having the two holiest places for any Muslim. I don’t pray to the country but I pray to Allah but I am loyal citizen of this country. This whole argument…oh! this man (Owaisi) is anti-national…no. I don’t pray to my country but I love my country; I am loyal to my country,” Owaisi said.
He said, Constitution guarantees the freedom of expression, freedom of religion and protection of cultural rights of minorities.

“I also accept that it was also part of popular slogans during freedom struggle. But why do you keep on insisting me. BJP and Sangh Parivar…they have different understanding when they talk about that slogan. That is you have to pray to the country…You have to pray to the deity. No one can put this question to me. I don’t pray to the country but I am a loyal citizen and fundamental rights in the Constitution guarantees me,” Owaisi said.