RSS leader asks youth to make ‘Akhand Bharat’ a reality

Nagpur: Senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar has appealed to the youth in the country to take a vow to unite parts of India separated from it and make the dream of ‘Akhand Bharat’ a reality.

“Now no land will remain detached from Bharat. People should respect each and every inch of land of the nation, then only there will be love, peace, harmony in society and people will work to re-unite the separated land,” Kumar, a member of the RSS national executive (Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha). said in his address to a gathering of youth here last evening.

Kumar called on the youth to take a vow to make ‘Akhand Bharat’ a reality.

Kumar accused the British of breaking up India to consolidate their Government and power. When British started their rule, the total geographical area of the country was spread over 83 lakh sq km and when they left India in 1947, the area shrunk to a mere 33 lakh sq km.

After Independence, 1.74 lakh sq km area of India is in unauthorised occupation of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar, he said.

Going back into history, Kumar said, ‘Mahabharat’ war was fought 5,154 years ago.

After the war, Yudhishtir became the emperor of this great nation, which was spread from “last corner of Indian Ocean to Himalayas”.

This meant, Iraq, Iran, Nepal, Afghanistan, Brahmadesh (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Indonesia, among others, were once parts of Bharat. This great country faced constant attacks from Huns, Kushans, Mughals and British, he said.

“Though the boundaries of Bharat have shrunk over the centuries, the country is still maintaining its own identity and cultural values,” he stated.

Kumar said the country got independence not because of ‘Quit India’ or ‘non co-operation’ movements of Mahatma Gandhi, but because of armed force, Azad Hind Sena, formed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

It was because of the revolution led by Bose that British had no alternative but to leave the country, the RSS veteran said.