RSS instigating youths to take extreme steps for Ram janmabhoomi movement

Ayodhya: Making Ram temple a legislation is more important than a job believes youths who have traveled hundreds of Kilometers just to attend the VHP’s Dharma Sabha in Ayodhya yesterday.

At least that is the case for some students who were asked to choose between Ram Temple and a job. Surprisingly these youths preferred to work for the Ram Temple Janmabhoomi movement than build a career for themselves.

The Sangh Parivar’s strategy to attract youths support through Dharma Sabha was quite successful with many of them choosing the movement rather than going for an interview.

“Dharma protects those who uphold or protect dharma. I am a Hindu and for the protection of Hindu dharma, building of Ram temple in Ayodhya is essential. To achieve that goal, Hindus have to show strength before the judiciary and the government. For that purpose, I have come here,” said Amit a 26-year-old MBA student who has traveled nearly 160 kms just to attend this movement.

“After completing MBA next year, I may look for a job if my family insists on that. But if a moment comes when I have to decide between a movement for Ram temple and a job, I will prefer the former. It is shameful for us that Ram’s temple is not at his birthplace,” Amit says when asked if he would prefer a job or the Ram temple movement.

Not only grown-ups but also teenagers as young as 16 years and studying in XI Class too attended the Dharma Sabha held by VHP’s apart from undergoing RSS’s Initial Training camp this year.

“Our zila pracharak ji told us that Dharma Sabha is being held in Ayodhya for Ram temple. We have come with nearly 200 people in three buses that the RSS and VHP members arranged,” Amit Singh said.

“I want to dedicate my life to the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. I will join the RSS formally for this cause after completing graduation and will do whatever the RSS asks me to. Ram temple is my priority because by doing a job, I will be earning bread only for my family, but development of Ram temple will make the entire society prosperous and create employment for more people in Ayodhya,” Amit said when asked about his future plans.

One of the two students studying XI class who attended the Sabha said “something positive” was going to happen. “All this is being done to mount pressure on the Supreme Court to hear the matter early. The court will have to take note of our sentiments.”

Another youth Saurabh Kumar aged around 19 a BA student to wants to dedicate his life for Ram Temple Movement. When asked about his future plans, he said: “Sabse pehle bhagwan Ram, baaki sab baad me (Lord Ram is the priority). Family can survive because my brothers will work… I will go to Delhi on December 9 (for another Dharma Sabha).”

Saurabh’s friend and also a student says he wants to become a teacher so that he can give more time to social issues.

Shubham Gupta who wants to be a teacher said: “I will do the job. In the teaching profession, I can give time for social issues such as the Ram temple movement.”
Other students who have failed their examinations are too eager to join the Sangh Parivar.

Another youth aged 24, Rambali Diwakar from Kaushambi decided to join the Sangh Parivar and work for its programmes. When asked about his decision he said, “I failed in Class X. I am not going to get any good job. It is better to work for Lord Ram because He runs the universe. God will take care of me and my family.”

Sangh Parivar’s intends to build huge youth support for Ram Janmabhoomi movement similar to any other movements carried out by political leaders, Indian Express reports.

Adding oil to the fire, RSS senior functionary Krishna Gopal said that the youth can go to any extent on the Ram Temple issue.