‘RSS’ Iftar party needs to be boycotted due to its anti-Muslim policy’

Mumbai: A day after demanding cancellation of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)-organised Iftar party, Mumbai-based activist and advocate Adil Khatri on Monday said the party should be boycotted as the organisation has “anti-Muslim” policy.

“We boycott the iftar party organised by RSS, as RSS has an anti-Muslim policy. Muslims and Dalits are being tortured in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’ (cow protection) and beef ban,” Adil, founder of Jai Ho Foundation, told ANI.

His comments come on the day when the RSS-organised Iftar party is going to be held at Sahyadri guest house here.

In this connection, he, along with another activist Shakeel Shaikh, yesterday complained to the Maharashtra Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao to cancel the party, as it was being organised at a government guest house.

“We are hopeful that the governor will inquire into the matter and we want the party to be cancelled,” Khatri said in regard to the complaint.

“We also demand an inquiry against the sanctioning officer on how the permission was granted to a private party,” he added.

He said the RSS cannot host a party in the guest house as the same belongs to the government. The guest is not available for public use, but only for official use, he asserted.

“According to the Government Resolution (GR) in 2015, only official work, meeting, workshops can be held there but, Iftar party is a purely religious activity. Though the government can organise such events, RSS organising this party is completely illegal,” he said. (ANI)