RSS ‘historian’ mocks himself, calls Delhi Jama Masjid a Yamuna Temple

An RSS thinker, Desh Ratan Nigam, a lawyer by profession, became a source of laughter as his jokes were even better than a stand-up comic. While he was on a show at NDTV’s Big Fight, a debate programme, Nigam made claims that sent huge waves of laughter in the audience.

Along with Vikram Chandra being host of the show, other panelists including historian Irfan Habib got amazed as Nigam called Jama Masjid a Yamuna Temple. This had come later, he started making weird statements about Taj Mahal and Red Fort first.

“Taj Mahal is a national icon, but I still believe it was not built by Shahjahan…Taj Mahal was built in 1000 AD. It can be proved. There are symbols of Hinduism all over the place. Red Fort was built by Tomar dynasty,” the ‘historian’ Nigam said.

He did not stop here and continued saying, “Delhi Jama Masjid was originally a Yamuna Temple.” When Vikram asked his opinion on Jammu Kashmir’s Hazratbal shrine, Nigam was clueless.