RSS getting ready to become “King Maker” in Telangana

Hyderabad: Expanding its organizational setup, RSS is making an attempt to acquire the status of a “King Maker” in Telangana keeping in view 2019 elections. In order to achieve this status, RSS has decided to start 700 more “Shakhaas” in Telangana State.

It may be mentioned that among the Southern States of India, RSS is giving more importance to Telangana State. Under this policy, RSS is very silently increasing its activities. BJP is making an attempt to extend its activities in Southern States of India after assuming power in UP. Among the southern States, BJP is giving more importance to Karnataka and Telangana.

It is reported that in Karnataka, the activities of RSS have increased. The people living in urban areas are not aware of the activities of RSS in rural areas. In urban areas also it is extending its activities using information technology. In rural areas RSS is linking the majority community by campaigning “One Temple and one Shamshan”. It is also trying to end class system in villages.

Mr. E. Chandrasekhar of RSS in Telangana claimed that RSS has its roots in Telangana for the past 50 years. At present, it has 1495 Shakhaas in Telangana, out of which in 370 Shakhaas weakly meetings are held regularly. It is reported that with an intention to promote organizational activities in Telangana, the meeting of Akhila Bharati Kariyakari Mandal was held in Hyderabad last year.

RSS is extending its activities from rural areas to urban areas by associating IT personnel with its ideology. So far, more than 1000 youths have associated themselves through “Online IT Milan”. The RSS activists claim that it has planned to assume the status of “King Maker” in 2019 elections. They also claim that their strategy has been successful so far and they would certainly get the status of “King Maker” in 2019.

–Siasat News