RSS alleges ‘Islamisation’ of Kashmir

New Delhi, August 15: The Sangh Parivar fountainhead RSS has alleged that separatist forces and elements across the border were actively involved in “Islamisation” of Kashmir through covert means.

“The Islamisation of Kashmir is a dangerous game. This was on for the last two decades. First they started changing the names of places and signboards. They they imposed a ban on cinema halls, beauty parlours, restaurants and fashion shops. They asked their women to wear veil even in schools and offices,” RSS mouthpiece Organiser states in its latest issue.

The editorial of August 15 issue of the mouthpiece goes on to claim that women have been prevented from wearing jeans, fashionable outfits and make-up in the border state.

“Some Mullahs also suggested that girls should not go to schools. Madrasa education was promoted in a big way. They adopted Arabic script for Kashmir and encouraged promotion of Arabic language,” the article states.

The editorial alleges that even the administration in the state has become “Islamic”.

“The terrorists also want Friday declared a weekly holiday instead of Sunday. Non-Kashmiris cannot buy property, participate in politics or vote in the election and all rights of a citizen are denied under the law,” the editorial says.

It further alleges that Hindu migrants who came from across the border at the time of partition have still not been given citizens’ rights in Kashmir.

“The Kashmiri Islamists continued to implement their agenda unchallenged by demolishing hundreds of Hindu temples all over the valley, selectively killing Hindus and finally forcing them to migrate, leaving their jobs, property and everything,” the editorial says.

It suggests that all such elements should be asked to “get out of India” and go to Pakistan or to Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir where they can “enjoy all the freedom under Islamic rule”.

Organiser has also alleged that development funds for the state of Jammu and Kashmir is being “siphoned off by politicians and part fund the insurgency of the Islamists”.

The editorial also criticises the continuance of Article 370 which grants special status to Kashmir.

“Under this article a Kashmiri cannot marry a non-Kashmiri and if such a marriage happens the Kashmiri will lose his right on property, voting, etc,” it states.

The article accuses the separatists of “systematically” targeting Hindus in schools, offices and public places.

“Hindu, Sikh and Christian shops were attacked and looted. Migrant labourers were targeted. Public sector company establishments where non-Kashmiris worked were forced to leave the valley,” the article states.