RS nomination: Amar Singh heaps praise over Mulayam

New Delhi: “Pleasantly surprised” by his Rajya Sabha nomination by the Samajwadi Party (SP), Mulayam Singh Yadav’s former lieutenant Amar Singh said he was Upper House member for 18 years, thus a nomination is not a big thing to him, but the love and blessing with which Netaji (Mulayam Singh) nominated him, he was pleasantly surprised and happy.

“I was Rajya Sabha member for 18 years, thus RS nomination is not a big thing, but the love and blessing with which Netaji nominated me, I was pleasantly surprised and happy,” he told ANI.

“I was surprised when Ahmed Patel called me and congratulated me, I wasn’t aware why? I found out the next morning, and then spoke to Netaji,” he added.

When asked about protests by some of the SP leaders over his nomination, Singh said, “He hardly cares about anybody, but if Netaji is hurt, it will be a matter of shame for me,” he added.

Taking about his relationship with the Bachchans, their one-time confidante Singh said, “There are no differences between Jaya Pradaji and me.”

These days Rekhaji and Jaya Bachchanji hug each other at Filmfare events, and Rekha addresses Jaya as ‘Didibhai’. Recently, my putra-vadhu (daughter-in-law) Aishwarya addressed Rekha as ‘mother’ at a public event. Life is changing,” said Singh.

“Akhilesh (Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav) is like my son to me. I can give him my good wishes and love. Even as he is angry, I don’t have right to do so,” he said. (ANI)