Rs 926 crores allotted for expansion of Hyderabad-Bijapur highway

Hyderabad: The central ministry of roads and transport has allocated Rs 928 crore for the expansion of the Hyderabad-Bijapur national highway on Tuesday.

The road is of prime concern to the people residing in the districts of Rangareddy and Vikarabad as the road is not only narrow but causes many accidents due to dangerous turns.

The ministry of transport has released the funds to expand the road to 60 meters against the existing 46.60 km from Appa Junction on Hyderabad outskirts to Manneguda in Vikarabad district said the ministry.

The expansion of the road will be very useful for the people under the Chevella Parliament constituency limit. With this expansion, travelling to Vikarabad, Tandur Parigi and Kodangal will become far easier than before.