Rs. 85.86 Lakh Electricity Bill ‘Shocks’ Ambala Resident

Ambala: A man in Ambala has received the shock of his life, thanks to the electricity department of Haryana. Virender Sharma got an electricity bill of Rs. 85.86 lakh.

The department officials, while acknowledging the error, have promised to rectify the same.

Virender Sharma today said he has an electricity connection in the name of his wife Poonam Rani.

He said he was shocked when he received the bill of Rs. 85.86 lakh for payment for the period July till September.

The total power consumption was shown 999330 units for the billing period, he said.

He claimed that the department charged Rs. 6.75 per unit while the remaining amount was added as other charges.

He said his sanctioned load was 3.5 KW and in August, he consumed 2201 units while in June 1325 units were consumed.

A Sub Divisional Officer of Haryana electricity department said that there was an error in the bill and it would be rectified in next two to three days.