Rs. 7 Lakh Under bed, 5 iPhones, 20 luxury watches found in clerk’s house

Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh: Assets worth over Rs. 60 lakh and cash worth Rs. 7 lakh, hidden under the bed, was found in a raid at the home of a government clerk in Madhya Pradesh, police said on Tuesday.

Acting on a tip-off, officers of the anti-corruption Lokayukta Police raided the house of Narendra Gangwal posted at the collectorate office and recovered jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakh, papers of land worth Rs. 55 lakh, beside Rs. 7 lakh cash that was hidden beneath a bed, Lokayukta Inspector Basant Shrivastava said.

They also found 20 imported watches, five iPhones and details of a bank locker, he said. Raids were also conducted simultaneously at his residence in Neemuch and Mandsaur districts, police said.

Two kilograms silver, 250 grams of gold ornaments and luxury watches were also seized along with Rs. 7 lakh in cash

Mr Shrivastava said officers conducted the raid at a time when Mr Gangwal was planning to leave for Goa on a vacation. He had also taken loans from various banks, amounting to Rs. 10 lakh.

Two kilograms silver and 250 grams of gold ornaments were recovered from the bank locker, the officer said, adding that Mr Gangwal also owned a car.

In Mandaur, team of Lokayukta Police recovered ornaments worth Rs. 10 lakh and documents related to bank accounts and a locker, which will be opened later. Describing the assets as “highly disproportionate to his known sources of income” Mr Shrivastava said investigations will continue.