Rs 2,000 crore will be wagered on upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Reports

NEW DELHI: Betting or wagering is not legal in India, with the never ending debates on what gambling is legal and what is not among the gambling experts, but according to sources, a large amount is wagered on cricket in India illegally.

With most of these wagering happening through ‘illegal channels’ and also via UK websites as gambling is legal in the UK, most Indians wager on cricket through their international credit cards as well as their e-wallets.

According to the estimations of All India Gaming Federation(AIGF) this year around Rs 2,000 crore will be wagered on upcoming Champion’s Trophy final between India and Pakistan to be held on Sunday.

Rolland Landers CEO of AIGF said “It has been estimated by many studies that roughly a total of Rs 2 lakh crore is wagered on all matches that India play throughout the year,” And since this is the first time India and Pakistan will be meeting in the final of a cricket tournament in around 10 years, the bets are high.”

For instance, according to Betfair, if one wagers Rs 100 on India, and the team wins the gambler will earn Rs 147 in return whereas if the other opponent team Pakistan wins then, he will earn Rs 300.

The wagering is not just limited to the outcome of the result but one can also bet on other aspects of the match such as total scores by both teams or even 10-over scores according to the sources, Times of India reported.