Rs. 2 lakh donated to youth who underwent kidney transplant

There is no dearth of humanitarian and philanthropic persons in Hyderabad. Siasat Daily and Faiz-e-Aam Trust are the two institutions busy in humanitarian services day and night. Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan Secretary and trustee Faiz-e-Aam Trust Mr. Iftekhar Husain strive to help destitute and worried patients irrespective of religion, colour, cast and creed which is laudable. Both the personalities has brought smiles to the faces of such parents who had lost hope that their children would see the light of the day.

One among them were the parents of 20-year-old, Mirza Munawwar Baig. This youth was suffering from kidney ailment since 2010 and was on dialysis. His kidney transplant was done at Apollo Hospital with the cost of 8 to 9 lakhs. Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan donated Rs. 75000, Secretary Faiz-e-Aam Trust donated Rs. 75000 while Trustee Faiz-e-Aam Trust Mr. Rizwan Hyderabad donated Rs. 50000. Thus a total of Rs. 2 lakh was handed over to brothers of Mirza Munawwar Baig. A free add of fundraising appeal was published in Siasat Daily in response to which the charitable persons arranged Rs. 1.80 lakh. Mirza Munawwar Baig’s parents and brothers collected Rs. 2 lakh with the help of their friends and relatives. Thus a total of Rs. 6 lakh were arranged and the young man’s life was saved.

Mirza Munawwar Baig’s mother expressed gratitude to Mr. Zahed Ali Khan, Mr. Iftekhar Husain and Mr. Rizwan Hyder.

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