Row over Raja Singh ‘copying’ Pakistani song – Here’s what Shahid Afridi tweets

Hyderabad: After Spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces, Mr. Asif Ghafoor’s tweet on the song which was sung by Mr. Raja Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA representing the Goshamahal Assembly constituency, Pakistani Cricketer, Shahid Afridi expressed his views.

He tweeted, “Leaders are always copied & I hope they also copy our peace initiatives too. #PakistanZindabad”.

It may be mentioned that days before Ram Navami, Mr. Singh had sung a song and dedicated it to the Indian Army.

After the video went viral, Mr. Asif Ghafoor had tweeted, “Glad that you copied. But copy to speak the truth as well. #PakistanZindabad”.

Later, Raja Singh shared a video message on his twitter handle and wrote, “Good to see even #Pakistan media is covering my song #HindustanZindabad. I’m more surprised that even a terriorst nation produces singer’s. #Pakistani singer’s may have copied my song we don’t have to copy anything from a terrorist state like Pakistan”. In the video, he claimed that Pakistan had copied his song. He also claimed that unrest is prevailing in Pakistani media after the video went viral.

Reacting on the claims made by Mr. Singh, Mr. Ghafoor tweeted, “Pakistani media isn’t covering the ‘so called’ song. In rest of the world this is called something else… Second sentence of previous tweet ie “But copy to speak the truth as well” stays valid as expected. This lie too not a surprise. That’s what was said, we can’t be surprised”.

Many netizens also pointed out that Mr. Singh had copied ISPR song ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and shared the original song which was shared on YouTube by ISPR Official account on 21st March 2019.