Route to shiny, healthy nails

New Delhi :Increase your intake of iron, calcium and massage your nails with olive oil to keep your nails healthy, say experts.

Ishika Taneja, Executive Director Alps Group, and Ragini Mehra, founder, Beauty Source, list down some tips to keep nails healthy.

* Continuous applications of nail polish make nails go dull. Rub lemon at least thrice in a week to get rid of yellowness.

* You can also massage your nails every alternative day for about three to five minutes with olive or coconut oil to add moisture to them. Repeat the process and you’ll restore shine within few days.

* Nails tend to get dry when exposed to water repeatedly. So, to lock in the natural moisture of the nails, simply massage your nails with any good quality oil every day to prevent your nails from getting dry and brittle. You can apply lukewarm oil and leave overnight. It softens the nails and cuticles and moisturise your hands.

* Increase your intake of iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D and E. All these nutrients are essential for healthy and shiny nails. One of the most common items that has all these ingredients is yogurt. Also, eat foods rich in protein to give your nails the essential strength, health, and shine because nails are made up of the structural proteins known as keratin.

* Practice good nail hygiene. Keep fingernails dry and clean. Avoid using chemicals on your nails.