Rosaiah uses media to wrongfoot Opposition

Hyderabad, June 30: Chief Minister K Rosaiah today thwarted attempts by Opposition leaders to corner him on the fee reimbursement issue by holding discussions with them in the presence of the media.

Clearly dismayed by the turn of events, the Opposition saw it as a strategy to wriggle out of the mess by using the media as a cover.

From the Government’s point of view, the idea behind live coverage was to check the Opposition from indulging in double talk.

The leaders, who had come to appeal to the Government to send emissaries to the fasting BC leaders and persuade them to call off their fast, admitted that they were caught on the wrong foot.

While the Government came prepared with all the data and brought officials to the meet, the Opposition leaders had nothing to support their charges on fee reimbursement.

The chief minister also called ministers from SC and BC communities like D Nagendar, B Sathyanarayana, P Subhashchandra Bose, B Parthasarathi, P Sathyanarayana, D Manikya Varaprasad and N Raghuveera Reddy to the meet. The Opposition was represented by T Devendar Goud and V Ramaiah of the TDP, N Narasimha Reddy and D Sravan of the TRS, N Indrasena Reddy, D Mallesam and K Laxman of the BJP, Y Venkateswara Rao of the CPI and C Ramachandraiah and Gautham of the PRP.