Room heaters installed for animals at Zoo Park

Hyderabad: Animals at Nehru Zoological Park get cosy comfort as they have been provided with room heaters to keep them warm. Keeping in view the rapidly falling night temperatures, room heaters have been arranged at all enclosures of tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards, lions and primates such as sacred baboon, olive baboon, chimpanzee and liontailed macaque.

In an official release, the Zoo curator stated, “The room heaters have been provided as part of the seasonal arrangements.”

While nest boxes have been arranged particularly in the enclosures of macaw and cockatoos, small wooden boxes with dry paddy straw and a room heater were provided in the enclosures of small monkeys, including squirrel monkey and golden tamarin monkey. On the other hand reptiles are provided with dry leaves, bulbs and small pots.

Animals and birds are administered B-complex supplements to make them strong enough to brave the cold waves.