Romantic dinners, helicopter rides popular V-day date choices

New Delhi :While most people resort to conventional romantic dinners to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the more adventurous choose to take their beloved on a helicopter ride, says a recently conducted study.

According to the survey by deals platform Nearbuy of about 3,000 people, “45 per cent of the respondents opted for the option of taking their partners on romantic dinners, 39 per cent preferred to give a personalized gift and about 18 per cent people chose to take their special someones on a helicopter ride!”

However, the survey showed that most people preferred to stick to a budget ranging anything between Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 and not splurge mindlessly on the occasion. Many also indulged in cashing on on the various offers available online throughout the Valentine week.

While 40 per cent Indians are willing to fork out an average of Rs 3,000, just about 10 per cent would go over the Rs 5000 bracket to buy presents for their partners.

“People today are ready to spend and are yet not spend thrift when it comes to Valentine’s. They are online-savvy and are always on a look-out for great offers to make a difference,” says Ankur Warikoo, CEO and Co-founder, Nearbuy.

Besides the expense, what stresses out most couples (47 per cent) is the planning drill, followed by picking the right gift (25 per cent) and lastly the task of finding themselves a partner to spend the day with (13 per cent).

The survey also brought out the several reasons why an individual wishes to celebrate Valentines Day in the first place. A majority of about 43 per cent said they believed in celebrating the occasion to express their love, while some (21 per cent) said, “it seems the right thing to do.”

The remaining 13 per cent admitted to following the crowd and celebrating under the influence of “peer-pressure.”

What turned out to be strikingly common for most people was that they did not speculate the planning for their Valentine’s Day dates until the eleventh hour.

“Nearly 62 per cent people plan their ‘day of love’ at the last moment,” the study says.

Nearbuy, formerly called Groupon India, has also rolled a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humor social media campaign showcasing the quirky plans for the day which can be viewed on their Facebook page.