Rohits suicide is a political murder – Punishment for protesting Yakoob Memon’s hanging: Gaddar

Hyderabad: Police took Gaddar into its custody as a precautionary measure when he visited the mortuary of Osmania General Hospital to pay homage to Rohit who hanged himself in the hostel of University of Hyderabad.

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Talking to Newsmen, Revolutionary Poet, Gaddar told that Rohit’s suicide is a political murder and demanded those who are responsible for it. He further told that people are killing innocent persons on the basis of caste and creed or creating such situations forcing them to commit suicide. He further told that those who assumed power with the support 85% people of this country are posing danger for the lives of the weaker sections. He told that SCs, STs, BCs and Muslims are the major part of the population of this country but their lives have no value. The mistake of the innocent research scholar Rohit was that he registered his protest against the hanging of Yakoob Memon. After this incident, conspiracies were being hatched against him and his colleagues. In harsh words, Gaddar told that for the past few years, the lives of the persons struggling for sustenance of democracy are being threatened. He mentioned that Rohit and his friends were suspended from the University under special instructions. By doing so, the management of University of Hyderabad violated the act which protects SCs and STs. The efforts of the University authorities to boycott the agitators socially were unlawful.

–Siasat News