Rohit Vemula’s mother visits mother of Faisal, killed for converting to Islam

Malappuram: On Saturday Radhika Vemula mother of Rohit Vemula visited mother of Faisal alias Anil Kumar was killed for converting to Islam allegedly by Sangh Parivar supporters.

At the meeting Radhika Vemula told Faisal’s mother Meenakshi that she could identify with her grief as a mother who has lost her son too to a dictatorial government controlled by the Sangh Parivar.

“The government is under the control of Sangh Parivar. They are suppressing the minorities and are taking away their rights. We are purposefully targeted by those holding the power at the Center,” said Radhika who had arrived to meet Meenakshi along with Rohit Vemula’s friends.

“The Prime Minister, who owns no family and wife, doesn’t feel the pain of mothers, who lost their children,” she said.

Consoling Meenakshi she asked her to put up a brave front and live for the sake of Faisal’s family.

Meenakshi too embraced Islam a few days ago in protest of her son’s killing and assumed the name Jameela. In April Radhika had embraced Buddhism after her son a Dalit research scholar at Hyderabad University had committed suicide following a rift with ABVP members and harassment by University administration.

In the meanwhile police has arrested eight persons including RSS workers for Faisal’s murder. According to the police Faisal was murdered with support of his relatives who feared that he would convert more family members to Islam. Faisal’s wife and children had converted to Islam a week before his death.

Courtesy: MM