Rohit says natural talent talks are `unfair and wrong`

Mumbai, Sept.19 : Cricketer Rohit Sharma has hit back at his critics’ remarks that he is not making use of his natural talent, saying that these speculations are `unfair and wrong` and he has worked really hard to reach to this point.

Earlier, Rohit was criticised by the experts and media for not knowing where his off-stump was, when he got out to incoming deliveries during India’s test series against Sri Lanka.

Rohit said, “This ‘talent’ talk has messed things up for me. I started my career as a bowler. I was never a batsman. All this natural talent, god’s gift that you guys in the media talk and write about is unfair and wrong. I have worked on my batting to get here. I used to bat at No. 8. From there, I made my way up.”

The 28-year-old, who is expected to fight for his place in the squad for the upcoming matches against South Africa, added that it was not a way to judge anyone.

ESPNcricinfo quoted Rohit as saying, “Whatever I have achieved is because of my hard work. All these terms like ‘lazy elegance’ have been coined by you guys. Maybe on TV it comes across like that, but that’s not the right way to judge anyone. One must get to the root of the matter.”

Rohit, however, said that one thing that was a natural gift, that is something he was born with, was his temperament.

Rohit, who made his ODI debut in 2007 against Ireland, further admitted that he had done quite well after becoming an opener. (ANI)