Rohit Khandelwal, Mr World 2016, all set to begin his career in Bollywood next year

Mumbai : Rohit Khandelwal, the first Asian to win the Mr World pageant, now aspires to conquer Bollywood. The 27-year-old model from Hyderabad says he has planned his life and would like to even direct and produce films in future. “Films are definitely on my agenda. Not currently as I will be promoting the social causes attached with Mr World. But next year I will surely venture into films. I would like to do all kind of roles. Being an actor you are just not yourself so, it’s very important that you play different roles.”

“I am not going to any film school, but will surely take lessons. I have everything planned in my life. Starting with acting I want to get into direction and then producing films. I have got some offers from really good directors till now and I am thinking of how to begin,” Rohit told.

He admires the way Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has shaped his life and appreciates his work ethics.

“I really admire Shah Rukh Khan. I like the way his works. He is humble and yet successful at the same time. I have seen and read all his interviews he every time says that he still feels nervous while giving a shot. I love the kind of importance he gives to his work.” Rohit turned showstopper for designer Ajay Kumar’s collection inspired by Banaras. The model said it was an honour for him to walk the ramp as an showstopper.

“Walking the ramp at LFW has always been my dream it’s an honour to come here as a showstopper.” Titled “Banaras – The Golden Dawn of Time Eternal,” the collection had his signature bright colours like marigold yellow, green betel leaf, red, aqua and black.

The digital prints were inspired by temples, skyline, Ganga, the marigold and lotus. Rohit was also happy with the performance of Indian women in Olympics. He finds the role reversal interesting.

“I am really proud of both Sakshi and Sindhu. It is great to see that men are winning beauty pageant and women conquering in sports. I guess India is in its best phase,” he said.