‘Is Rohini Singh trolled because she wrote against a powerful person & is a woman?’: Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar NDTV’s Prime Time host says, filing defamation suit against opposition leaders has become a weapon in the hands of business tycoons.

News website The Wire published a report on October 8, alleging that since Narendra Modi became prime minister, BJP President Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah’s business grew 16,000-fold in one year. The report that exposed media, corporate and politics at once, triggered a political storm. Shah filed a defamation suit against the Rohini Singh the journalist who wrote the story and seven others including editor and the owner of The Wire.

Govt lawyer Tushar Mehta announced that he would represent Shah in court. Ravish Kumar asks how he got permission two days before the story got published.


Following the publication of the story journalist’s Rohini Singh was trolled on social media. Same message is sent by different names. Ravish Kumar questions how can different people send same message, is there is a secret location from where these messages are coming. He also questions is this a warning that if you write a report against a powerful person and especially if you are a woman, then you will be scandalized.


— Pratik Sinha (@free_thinker) October 8, 2017