Robots to crackdown on lockdown violators in Varanasi

Lucknow: As researchers and health workers try out new experiments to stop the spread of coronavirus across the country, an engineering student from Varanasi has designed an ‘anti-COVID-19 robot’ which will help the security forces shock lockdown violators.

Vishal Patel, a third year student of mechanical engineering at the Ashoka Institute in Varanasi, has developed this robot that can not only run on shallow water but can also operate comfortably on smooth and bumpy surfaces.

Patel, who built the robot under the supervision of his senior Shyam Chaurasia, claims that the device is also a security shield for police personnel.

It will also help the police to crack down on those flouting the lockdown rules. The police who are at a risk from coronavirus infection can maintain social distancing by operating through the robots who will monitor the situation.

Vishal claims that the robot will prove to be a very effective weapon in maintaining social distancing. With a moving camera, remote and through the Internet, this device can be followed by two-way calling while sitting at a police checkpoint.

Mahadev Pandey, in-charge and scientific officer of Gorakhpur Planetarium told IANS, “There are many types of robots developed in this period, but the specialty of this robot made in Benaras is that it can be used even in rugged places and remote areas. It has wheels that allow it to run on a bumpy road in the countryside.”