Robots to clean drains in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: HMWS&SB is mulling over designing a “robotic instrument” that could enter into the manhole and clean it up by moving from manhole to manhole. It would remove the silt and solid material in the pipelines.

2.65 lakh manholes in Greater Hyderabad are being maintained by the HMWS&SB. Board Managing Director M. Dana Kishore has asked technical experts to design the censor chips on every manhole to indicate if the cover is left open or if the manhole is overflowing. The censors will be monitored by the maintenance and operations department.

As reported by DC, besides robotic instruments, a special suit will be designed for the manual labour working in manholes and sewer lines to enable them to get the life-saving oxygen.

The Board is prepared to fix 20,000 censors on the 9000 km pipeline length which will alert the officers sitting even at head-office.