Robocop named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare developed by H-Bots Robotics

Hyderabad: India is now emerging as the Robotic hub by providing Robotic services to the destinations outside the Country.

According to the news reported in Catch News, the Start-up ‘H-Bots Robotics’, which was launched in 2017, has brought a cutting edge technology which facilitates easier policing activity.

The founder of H-Bots Robotics, PSV Kisshhan has said that Thailand ordered 25 robots which will be delivered after August 2018. He said that “It is after deploying one Robo in India that the delivery would be made to other countries, stated Kisshhan. We have spoken to the company in Thailand and clearly mentioned that their order would be delivered only after completing a trial in India”.

However he said that “As of now we haven’t received any order from India. We haven’t started with the commercial deployment in India because we feel India is not yet equipped to accommodate robots whereas countries like Thailand are”.

The robot has been named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare.

Features of the Robocop:

• Equipped with 360 degrees visible camera
• Thief identification software
• Smart policing (maintaining law and order, writing reports, identifying criminal record) inbuilt artificial Intelligence
• Sensors like ultrasonic, proximity and temperature sensors
• Automatic charging sensor that ensures its whereabouts and mapping.