Roblox outage sparks usage rise in rival mobile games

San Francisco: The recent server outage for Roblox from Roblox Corporation coincided with a rise in usage of alternative multiplayer mobile games such as Minecraft from Mojang and Among Us from InnerSloth on Android.

The Roblox outage began on October 28 and lasted until October 31, during which time players were unable to access the game or even visit its website.

According to Sensor Tower, comparing the period of full-day outage from October 29 to 31, the average time spent on the app declined by 93 per cent week-over-week worldwide. This is due to our panel of installs continuing to show session counts based on attempts to access the app.

Analyzing other popular apps and games during the same period between October 29 to 31, Sensor Tower data shows that Minecraft’s usage increased by 2 per cent week-over-week. Among Us, meanwhile, saw time spent climb by 6 per cent week-over-week.

Usage in Among Us surged by approximately 12 per cent on October 29 compared to the day prior, while Minecraft’s usage climbed by 13 per cent d/d on October 30, compared to the day prior.

Twitch also saw an increase in usage, with time spent in the app rising by 8 per cent w/w. It should be noted, however, that numerous reasons could be at play for the streaming platform’s growth, including the League of Legends semi-finals over the weekend and Halloween holiday streams from popular channels/streamers.