Robbins slams Trump’s immigration policies, Muslim travel ban

Los Angeles: Actor-director Tim Robbins has expressed outrage at US immigration policies and the Supreme Courts new ruling allowing President Donald Trumps travel ban on some predominantly Muslim countries to stand.

“That Supreme Court decision will be remembered as a disgrace,” Robbins said at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival on Saturday, reports

Robbins, who is getting the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema honour at the gala, recently staged with The Actors’ Gang theater ensemble in a play called “The New Colossus”. The play, inspired by hundreds of immigrants’ stories, was staged by the plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty, professing to welcome the world’s teeming masses.

At the Karlovy Vary film fest, he is screening a film he wrote and directed that celebrates working class artists, “Cradle Will Rock”, and another that sends up dishonest, populist political candidates, “Bob Roberts”.

He said he is still surprised at how accurate “Bob Roberts” turned out to be.

Asked whether his outspoken beliefs on progressive causes have harmed his career, the actor-director said he wasn’t sure. But, he added, if he didn’t speak up when he encountered injustice, “I don’t know that I would like myself very much. To know something and to not say anything, to me, is a betrayal of what a democracy is.”

Robbins is currently developing an original script that explores “faith versus hypocrisy”.