Roads in Hyderabad get repaired prior to Monsoon

Hyderabad: As monsoons are round the corner, Hyderabad’s roads are getting repaired to do away with potholes and water logging.

Gunfoundry Division Corporator, Mamata Santosh Gupta, stated that last time, when the monsoon arrived, things turned bad due to water logging and pot holes on the roads given the heavy rainfall.

However, this year, the roads are being repaired and everything is being taken care of.

Gupta told ANI, “We are trying our level best to face the monsoons this year which are around the corner. There are a few places where water has been logged. However, swift work is being done to fix them.”

“We further remodeled the drain lines where the budgets were sanctioned and we have also built small walls so that water doesn’t get into shops and houses especially in the low-lying areas. In addition to this, we have been asking people not to park cars under trees during the monsoon season to avoid damage. We are doing our best so that public shouldn’t face any inconvenience,” Gupta added.

Though, on the other hand, locals fear the traffic jams, puddles, water logging and potholes on the road. Frequent pedestrians and commuters are complaining against the water logging on roads and their pathetic existent plight. They expressed the various problems that are being faced by them.

Mazhar Khan, an auto driver said, “I do not fathom which route to take to reach my destination. Odds are high that one’s vehicle might fall into the pits. Leaders should have a look into the situation as to what is happening in their specific areas and a stricter and a stronger action is the need of the hour. All the roads should have been repaired much before Hyderabad had its first rainfall this time.”