Road rage video: Thug knocks out dad’s teeth after neighbour honks horn at him

Birmingham: The 35-year-old Rupinder Dhillon of Sutton Coldfield, punched his neighbour Raj Thaper, a dad-of-three while driving his kids to school in Great Barr, Birmingham.

The road-rage attack was captured by the Thaper’s terrified wife which shows Dhillon squaring up to former neighbour Thapur, who had ‘honked his horn’ at him.

Dhillon punched Thaper in the mouth knocking out his front tooth during the incident on February 5. He also tried to knock Thaper’s wife mobile phone from her hand as she was filming the incident.

The court heard how the Thaper family was travelling behind Dhillon’s car as they drove their three young sons to school.

The duo stopped at a junction between Hob House Close and the Old Walsall Road when the fight broke out at around 8am.

Dhillon alleged that Mr Thaper had ‘honked his horn’ at him several times and he had stopped. They both have the history of a neighbourly dispute. The fight stopped when Thaper’s wife interrupted.

Mrs Thaper told the court. “There was a lot of swearing going on,”he said.
“My children were terrified in the back. They could not believe what was happening to their daddy.”

Dhillon, a managing director of a financial services company pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm. Magistrates ordered a pre-sentencing report and the trial was adjourned until August 12.

In defence Dhillon said: “It is regrettable in hindsight, it escalating in the way that it did. With the bad blood over the years it did reach boiling point. It’s unfortunate that we’re here today.”