Road leading to Hazrat Mahmood’s shrine neglected by local and state leaders

Hyderabad: The dilapidated road on which leads to Hazrat Mir Mahmood’s shrine in Rajendra Nagar at his shrine does not only cause problems for the dargah-visitors, but for local residents too.

As it is, the road is in terrible condition but rains only make it hard fro everyone to get around. Locals have asked officials and leaders to take note of this basic infrastructure issue.

This area comes under the assembly constituency of TRS MLA Prakash Goud and it has been under him for 15 years. The local corporator is from the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen.  

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Siasat’s camera Abdul Mukarram roamed around the Rajender Nagar and asked different people about the state of this road. All of them mentioned that they were experiencing difficulty and officials and authorities have done nothing to remedy this issue.

A riksha driver said, “I cannot even cross this road with my riksha during the rains. Instead, I have to take a long around the area or I have to push it through the water.”

Another local says, “This road has been in this condition for the whole year.”

In another public suffering, residents of Mallepally facing difficulties from the last 10 days ND are unable to commute due to the pathetic condition of the road. This is because it has been dug by the contractor and turned into a gutter due to rain.  During emergency medical cases the residents face great challenges for transportation as this is the only road to this locality.