River Musi becomes home for mosquitoes, millions of pathogens

Hyderabad: The rising pollution has taken a toll on water bodies present in the twin city. Several ponds present in different parts of Hyderabad along with River Musi have turned into a mosquito breeding ground.

Hyderabad pollution control board, in a detailed report, has held responsible the water bodies for an upsurge of mosquitoes and other infection carrying pathogens.

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Monsoon season brings trouble

“There has been a growth in waste accumulation in Musi for the last one year,” states the report. Every monsoon, the garbage dumped by people makes the river and ponds more stagnated. Due to a poor water flow, the water bodies emit bad odour adding distress for all nearby residents.

Musi River deserves better treatment
Trash accumulation at the bank of Musi River
Shatam Talaab near M D Lines, Golconda Fort, Picture by Laeeq

The Pollution control board had earlier decided to clean 14 million litre water, out of which only 50 per cent could be treated.

With the help of state government, the control board has now set up a water treatment plant. The state has also decided to clean all the ponds that are present in the outskirts of Hyderabad.