Rising above sectarian differences is the need of the hour, says Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that there is a large number of lovers of Hazat Ali (RA) in Hyderabad. He also said that he is one of them and told that he came to attend this seminar after travelling a long distance.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan felt the need for the Muslim community to rise above the sectarian differences and to organize interfaith congregations.

He mentioned that internet edition of Siasat Urdu Daily publishes the quotations of Hazrat Ali (RA). In addition to it, the quotations of Hazrat Ali (RA) are being published in the regular edition of Siasat Urdu Daily.

He was addressing a national seminar on ‘Human Rights in the light of Nahjulbalagha’ organized by All India Nahjulbalagha Society. Prof. Tauqueer Alam, Dean, Faculty of Sunni Theology, Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Iftekhar Husain Khan, Imam of Bargah Abul Fazal Abbas, Srinagar addressed the gathering.

Continuing his address, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that how long shall we continue to hold such national seminars every year at the Western Hall of Salarjung Museum? He suggested that an international seminar should be organized. He declared that in Siasat Office Complex, a hall would be named after Hazrat Ali (RA).

He said that everyone who loves Hazrat Ali (RA) does not become a Shia. The list of the lovers of Hazrat Ali (RA) is not confined to a limited section. Hazrat Ali’s (RA) lovers could be found in every part of the world.

Dr. Syed Saukat Ali Mirza, President, All India Nahjulbalagha Society in his presidential address welcomed all the guests and said that Nahjulbalagha preaches human values. He also said that Hazrat Ali (RA) has explained the rights of everyone including men, women, animals, birds etc. The endeavour of the society has always been to communicate the teachings of Hazrat Ali (RA) to all the people.

Prof. Tauqueer Alam in his address told that Islam has given the concept of fraternity through Adam, Eve and their children. Islam has come to propagate the teachings of humanity. He said that after Quran, the teachings of Nahjulbalagha occupy the place. They are above the writings of any human being.

Continuing his address, Prof. Alam said that during the tenure of the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali (RA), the society was exemplary. The crux of the teachings of Hazrat Ali (RA) is purification of self. Hazrat Ali (RA) has strictly prohibited from violating human rights.

Addressing the seminar, Prof. Iftekhar Husain told that Iman Shafai is the true lover of Hazrat Ali (RA). He further told that Hazrat Ali (RA) continued fighting for gaining the favour of Allah (SWT). Whenever his personal matter was involved, he drew back his sword.

Mr. Syed Taqui Askari Vila, Secretary, All India Nahjulbalagha Society proposed vote of thanks.

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