Rishi to play gay for Karan Johar!

Mumbai, October 31: As they say `wine gets better with age`; veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is certainly getting better and bolder with time. Once hailed as a romantic hero, Rishi is now all set to play a gay dean in Karan Johar’s `Student of the Year`.

Reportedly, the role was conceptualised keeping Shah Rukh Khan in mind, but was eventually offered to Kapoor.

Fans of Rishi will get to see him play one of the most unusual avatars and the actor is elated to have been offered such a challenging role.

Talking to a tabloid, Rishi expressed his excitement and said, “Yes, my character is soft on Ronit in `Student Of The Year`. Why not? I play the dean of the college. And yes, my character is gay. It`s one of the most important roles of my career at the moment.”

Ronit Roy has been roped in to play that special person for whom Rishi has a soft spot.

“This is the time of my career when I get to experiment. I don`t want to play the conventional father. Besides, I can`t say no to Karan,” Rishi added.

Hmm…Papa Kapoor seems to have completely forgotten what his son’s exes Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor spoke about his ladla beta on KJo’s talk show `Kofee With Karan` early this year.

This goes to show that all is well that ends well!