Rishi Kapoor taught me honesty: Anirudh Tanwar

New Delhi: Actor Anirudh Tanwar is all praise for his “Rajma Chawal” co-star Rishi Kapoor. He says the veteran is a fantastic and an honest person.

“Before meeting him, I had a very different (perception) about him because I had heard so many stories about him from different sources. I thought he might be having his own comfort space in which he doesn’t allow people to enter. But found him to be very warm,” Anirudh told IANS.

“I realised he is a fantastic person. One thing I loved about him was that he is the most honest person I have seen. He is very open and will say if he likes something of yours and share dislike as well. He taught me one thing and that is honesty.”

Anirudh, who quit his career as a commercial pilot in 2012 and moved to Mumbai to work in cinema, said he learnt a lot from Rishi while working on “Rajma Chawal”.

“I used to learn something or the other from Rishi Sir. If you are honest in what ever you are doing or saying at that moment, you will sail through.”