Irrespective of religion love fellow human beings: Imam Kaba

The Imam of the grand mosque of Mecca, Shaik Saleh bin Muhammad Al Taleb, has called upon the Indian Muslims to rise above religion and love fellow human beings.

The Imam who is on a visit to India expresses this during the Friday sermon before a mammoth gathering at the Eidgah in Rajiv Nagar in Mysuru. “Muslims should love and meet the needs of other human beings without any discrimination on the basis of religion”, said the Imam.

Dr Sheikh Saleh said this was also the message he had brought to the people of the country from the custodian of the holy mosques in Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

“Whether it is Hindu, Christian or a Jew, you should love everybody on the basis of humanity without allowing religion to come in between. He said he would pray the Almighty to bless India and fill the hearts of its people with love for each other”.

After the prayers, he left for Bengaluru, where he is scheduled to participate in an Islamic conference at Palace Grounds.