Rinnai Corporation debuts at Health Future Expo 2019

Nagoya: Rinnai Corporation made its entry to the Health Future Expo 2019 for the first time in Nagoya last Thursday (April 11) to exhibit its latest products for health-conscious consumers.

Rinnai Corporation, established in 1920, has developed various products that help enrich people’s lifestyle. The products include water heaters, kitchen appliances and air conditioners. In the process, Rinnai has evolved into a
prominent corporate group.

“Users can remotely automate the cooking choice using an application. For instance, the user can scroll down to select a recipe and prepare ingredients according to the recipe. Then click to send this recipe to the cooking stove. Finally, turn on the gas and now the cooking stove is set and will automatically adjust the heating power and the cooking time according to the recipe,” said Koji Shibuya from Rinnai Corporation.

The exhibition was led by the company’s recently established business planning department. The company also displayed a water heater which is linked to smartphones and can be controlled remotely with the user’s voice.

Most of the products here, such as gas dryer and air conditioner, are equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and stylish design in order to fit perfectly to the modern lifestyle. Other Rinnai items on display also attracted visitors of all ages.

“Starting from 2018, Rinnai has set a new business theme of ‘health and living’. Previously, Rinnai had supported people’s lifestyle by developing residential appliances for such as kitchen, living room, and bathroom. From now, we want to not only provide a comfortable living environment but also promote the overall health of people,” Shibuya said.

“There is growing awareness for health worldwide, including South East Asia and we think our long-standing know-how in the industry has a lot of necessity of the global society” he added.

The Rinnai Group currently operates in 16 countries and regions and sells its products in more than 80 nations worldwide.

The Corporation will mark its 100th anniversary next year. It aims to respond to ever-changing societal needs with high awareness by fully utilising its century-long history of technology.