Right Wing ‘moral police’ beat up 2 Hindu girls for hanging out with Muslim friends

Mangaluru: The mentality of right-wing moral police is such that they would reach up to any level of shamelessness in public, without having a little ability to analyse or think. They are like robots who are fed with an outlandish thought process and then released without being properly programmed.

Now it was the two Hindu girls and two Muslim boys to become the victim of their harassment. The girls and two Muslim boys, students of a college near Talipady, were assaulted in the outskirts of Mangaluru.

On knowing about the four friends hanging out at Manasa Amusement and Water Park, the activist-cum-goons questioned them inside the park, reports Bangalore Mirror.

The right-wing members beat up the girls, for going out with Muslim friends, right in front of the police personnel, quotes Asianet Newstable.

Since the incident was reported in media, the police have now arrested a man from Mangalore’s Moodushedde, after the girl recognised him as one of the persons involved in assault.

A video was also surfaced, where a youth can be seen questioning the girl and later beating her as they all were leaving the park with police accompanying them.

Mangaluru City Police Commissioner T R Suresh speaking to Bangalore Mirror said, “We have already arrested the boy who is seen beating the girl. Preliminary investigation revealed that there were two boys and two girls in the group and they claimed that they had gone there to celebrate a birthday. However, this does not seem to be true. The investigation is on. The boys are from the same college and are seniors. DCP is already leading the investigation. We are yet to find out how many boys from the outfit were there at the park and whether they belong to any particular organization.”