Right-wing behind Mainpuri cow rumours and violence, two Muslims would have been lynched if police have not arrived in time: Police

Mainpuri: Senior police officers said that some right-wing organizations were behind the riot.

Lakshmi Singh, Agra DIG said the investigation is on track and said that the main accused of the riot belongs to right wing organization. She said that the accused have organized huge crowd within no time and his name is included in the FIR.

Police said that the person who spread the rumour that the cow has been killed by Muslims is the son of the Hindu who had actually given the dead cow to the Muslims to be skinned. Once he spread the rumours, hundreds gathered and saw four Muslim men skinning the cow.

Police said that seeing huge peoples approaching them two managed to flee while other two were caught and have been lynched if police have not arrived in time.

An IPS officer who is involved in the investigations said that many in the mob were raising slogans like ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and ‘Gai humari mata hai’. He also claimed that the mob had targeted only those shops that were owned by a particular community.