Rift with Miandad: Dawood Ibrahim threatens Shahid Afridi with dire consequences

Islamabad: War of words between Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi took a ugly turn. Now, the underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim got involved.

According to the news published in Zee News, Dawood Ibrahim warned the all-rounder with dire consequences. Shahid Afridi had received threats from Dawood Ibrahim, relative of former Pakistan cricket captain, Javed Miandad. Dawood Ibrahim called Afridi in the evening on 12th October.

It is to be mentioned that this all started after Miandad made a remark on the ongoing issue with Afridi’s farewell match. He said, “Afridi wants a farewell match only for the money.”

Responding to the remark, Afridi said, “Javed Miandad has been thinking about money all his life and he still is. A cricketer of his stature should not do such cheap talks. This was the difference between Imran Khan and Miandad”. He also warned of legal action for his comments.

It is also reported that Mianadad does not stopped making remarks, speaking to a Pakistani news channel, he said, “I would want Shahid Afridi to swear by his children and say that he has not fixed matches for Pakistan and has not sold Pakistan. I am a witness, I have caught him. I had caught the entire team. These people are fixers and they are talking about money.”

After this war of words, matter reached underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim who has reportedly warned Shahid Afridi of dire consequences.