Ridley Scott breaks silence on dropping Kevin Spacey from his new movie

Washington: Hollywood veteran Ridley Scott has finally broken his silence about his decision to re-shoot the entirety of his new movie ‘All the Money In the World’, replacing the disgraced Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in the lead role.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Ridley Scott says it was a ‘simple’ decision to drop Spacey from a key role in his new movie.

The director went to these lengths because, as he explained, he felt continue working with Spacey was simply not an option.

He said, “I sat and thought about it and realized, we cannot. You can’t tolerate any kind of behaviour like that. And it will affect the film. We cannot let one person’s action affect the good work of all these other people. It’s that simple.”

Although he said that Spacey never called to him to apologise about the situation, Scott said that it wouldn’t have made a difference and Spacey still wouldn’t have kept his job had he made that call.

“If he had called me and said, ‘Hey, look, this is the way it is and I’m really sorry,’ then I’d have handled it slightly differently. I’d have still done it. I would have said, ‘Yes, thank you for calling, but I have to move on,'” noted Scott.

Still, the director said he’s confident that he’ll be able to deliver ‘All the Money in the World’ as he originally envisioned.

“I move like lightning. After a while, you learn to trust and listen to your intuition. And I listen to mine,” explained Scott.

The film’s female lead Michelle Williams also said she “started to feel better” once she learned that Plummer would be replacing Spacey in the film.