Revv launches ‘Self-drive’ car rental services in Chandigarh

New Delhi : After creating a tremendous impact on the roads of southern Indian cities and parts of North India, Delhi-NCR based self-drive car rental company Revv has now launched its operations in Chandigarh with a fleet of 25 cars across models (hatchback, sedan, SUVs).

Following a unique hub-and-spoke operating model, the car rental company ensures delivery and pick up for every single booking right from the customer’s doorstep.

Chandigarh launch is a part of Revv’s geographical expansion in the North Indian market.

“After witnessing high repeat-usage and positive customer feedback on the innovations from our existing operational cities, we ventured into Chandigarh because we can foresee an enormous potential in the car rental segment of the city,” said Co-Founder and CEO Revv, Anupam Agarwal.

“Our low cost and highly convenient service model endeavours to shift the consumer behaviour towards adopting self-drive rentals for mainstream usage and eventually establish it as a highly affordable product catering to mass-market usage,” added Anupam Agarwal.

The aggressive expansion aims to popularize the notion of self-drive car rentals in India, and to make the market take-off through a product that mimics the privacy and convenience of one’s own car, while being the most affordable across all mobility options. (ANI)