Reverted to Islam, Inter-caste marriage couple seeks Delhi High Court’s protection

New Delhi: Inter-faith marriages usually end in tragedy for many couples and this fear instilled in the hearts of couples led this newly reverted couple to knock the doors of Delhi High Court seeking protection and security since they fear for their lives ever since they married in February.

A 23-year-old Muslim man and a 26-year-old woman who reverted to Islam approached the Delhi High court for the harassment the couple is undergoing.

The couple alleges that the woman’s family has been threatening them since she converted from her religion to marry a Muslim man.

Looking at the urgency of the matter, a vacation bench of Justice A K Chawla said: “It is something very serious and authorities should have provided them shelter.”

The court issued a notice to the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office and the SHO concerned asking the authorities to disclose Supreme Court’s direction which ensures the safety of couples of inter-religious marriages.

“Failing which (the SC’s direction), the ACP concerned shall remain present in person before the court on June 20,” the court said.

Advocate Devjyoti Dey representing the couple said the officials instead of looking after the law and order are favouring the families, harassing the couple in the name of investigation.

“Instead of following the directions of the apex court, the respondents are privileging the miscreants and depriving the innocents,” the lawyer said in the court.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the 23-year-old man said, “We were in love, so we got married. We have nothing to do with the religion; my wife converted to Islam as per her own choice,” the man said.

“I am a daily wage earner and used to work in a factory as a labourer. I also worked at a doctor’s clinic in the evening to earn for my aged parents. I met my wife at the clinic,” he said. “Shaadi ke baad mahol bahut kaharab ho gaya hai. My parents have had to leave their residence out of fear, and I am running from place to place,” adds the newly married couple.

The plea submitted by the couple claims that “there is a great chance of loss of lives due to the partiality as well as the negligent attitude of local police,” adding that, “the action of the respondents is in violation of several Constitutional rights besides also violating the principles of natural justice.”

The plea also said “the man’s parents have left their house at Malka Ganj in North Delhi District”.