Reverse love Jihad: Kapil Yadav pretends to be Kafeel Ahmed cheats Muslim girl

Allahabad: Love Jihad issue was a deliberate strategy highlighted by the BJP-led NDA government.

The non-existent love Jihad is a conspiracy saying Muslims seduce innocent young women of Hindu faith and convert them to Islam by false promises of love.

But in Pratapgarh, the opposite case of love Jihad has emerged. Here, the boy is not a Muslim but a Hindu.This Hindu boy pretending to be a Muslim married a Muslim girl.

The Party in Centre alleged that Muslims pretending to be Hindus lure the girls from their community but this man named Kapil Yadav married Muslim girl named Gulshaf Bano.

Gulshaf Bano, a resident of Pratapgarh, Siptain Road, in her complained to police said that she met Kapil at a mobile shop when she used to go to the shop often to recharge her mobile phone.

Gulshaf alleged that the shopkeeper introduced himself as Kafeel Ahmed. Slowly, the two became familiar and they did not know when their friendly conversation turned into love.

When Kafeel and Gulshaf feel they can’t live without each other, both got married in the mosque in 2016.

Kafeel with his Begum went to Delhi and started living there in Chandni Chowk. Kafeel took up his job and began his married life. But with the passing of time, the trouble started between their relationships. Gulshaf alleges that she had twice got pregnant but Kafeel gave her an abortion pill and then forced her to abort.

There is a saying that “You can run with a lie but you can’t hide from the truth. It will catch you.” The same happened with Kapil’s secret.

One day while washing Kafeel’s clothes, he got his Aadhar card. On the card, his name was written by Kapil Yadav son Suresh Chandra Yadav with address Raniganj, Pratapgarh.

It was a big blow to Gulshaf that her husband was not a Muslim but a Hindu. Till date whom she was considering as Kafeel, was actually Kapil and was cheating on her.

The reality is hard to accept but Gulshaaf falls in his trap. When Gulshaf questioned, Kafeel alias Kapil beat her brutally.

Last May, Kafeel took Gulshaf to Pratapgarh and stayed in his in-laws house. In the in-laws, Gulshaf’s mother was only member.

About 10 days ago, Kapil suddenly disappeared. Gulshaf started his search with the same Aadhaar card and found Kapil’s house and was shocked to know Kapil was in full swing for his second marriage.

When Gulshaf started quarreling with Kapil, he refused to keep Gulshaf with him saying “You are a Muslim; I cannot keep you with me. It will be an insult for me.”

Now the woman is pleading for justice but no one is ready to hear her cries.

When Gulshaf complained to the SP, he guaranteed assurance to her and surprisingly the matter reached the same police station where her complaint was not filed.

Pratapgarh SP Shagun Gautam said that the matter has come to light and was sent to the city’s Kotwali. Action will be taken on basis of the investigation, he said.